How to Install Gym Flooring

If you are looking to self-install your gym flooring you will need the following tools:

  • Utility knife plus some extra blades.
  • Straight edge
  • Measuring tape
  • Chalk

The sides of the tiles can be spot glued together using a black silicon adhesive such as TEC7. (We can provide bulk orders of this for larger projects). 

Double side tape or glue can be used to bond the tiles to the subfloor, however unless in a very large space this is not usually necessary.

Crossfit Gym Installation by Best Gym Flooring


How to prepare for our install team or self install


  • The installer will need a clear, clean area to work in.
  • Please ensure the area is completely clear and any unrequired flooring, furniture or equipment is removed prior to the install***.
  • The preparation of adequate sub floor prior to installation of flooring products is the customers responsibility unless specified in the quotation.
  • On newer build properties there is often uneven concrete on the edges of garages. This will need to be removed prior to install so that a flush, tight finish can be achieved by the installer. If this is not removed the installer will cut to fit however additional skirting/ edging may be required to achieve a clean finish.
  • As guide we recommend level + or - 5mm over a 5m length as the floor tolerance
  • Flooring can be laid on suitable concrete, screed floor, wood, or synthetic hard surfaces. It can also be laid
  • Doors that open into the installation room may need to be adjusted if the floor height is raised with the tiles. This would not be included on the install. Please be aware that if doors cannot open, the installers will remove doors to complete the job.
  • *** If equipment can not be removed please advise and we can provide a quotation to factor this in. 
On the Day
  • The installer will have booked the install day with you directly.
  • Please ensure points above are actioned.
  • Unless detailed the flooring will be loose laid and cut to fit area. Where required the tiles will be spot glued on the sides to ensure a good fit.
  • If there are any issues on the day please raise them with the installer as they can resolve whilst on site.


Lordswood School before installation         Lordswood School after installation



If you require a installation guide for self install please contact us for details and we will send out. We would advice following the preparation advice above,

Our team can provide expert gym flooring advice from selection through to install. For a quick quote send your gym project plans to