Best Gym Flooring supply and fit commercial flooring for all purposes and applications. Our goal is to offer market leading products at the best prices. As official distributors in the UK and Ireland for our product ranges we can sell direct to market and keep our prices low. We only sell commercial grade products that would be suitable for both home and commercial gym environments. Working with industry leader InstaFloor we can provide a high-performance flooring solution for any gym project. Our consultative approach will ensure you get the best advice on your facility whether that's a garage or professional level gym.

Rubber Flooring Technology

  • Reduces impact noise and vibration from gym equipment
  • Prevents impact sound transferring into the building structure and causing noise complaints
  • Creates a safe exercise platform for users that reduces fatigue and injuries
  • Healthy antimicrobial flooring surface
  • Durable layer to prevent damage to subfloor from free weights
  • Provides high level of shock absorption


Are all rubber gym tiles the same?

NO. The manufacturing processes and quality of rubber granules will significantly affect the final aesthetic presentation and durability of the rubber gym flooring. InstaFloor, under quality management ISO9001 and ISO14001 controls, provide high quality recycled rubber gym flooring you can trust.

InstaFloor ISO9001 Certification BadgeInstafloor ISO14001 Certification Badge


What makes our tiles the best in market?

  • High degree of colour consistency
  • Prevents delamination due to inadequate manufacturing processes
  • Provides strong, durable training platforms
  • Delivers long-term shock absorption, for athlete safety
  • Creates the best acoustic isolation, reducing noise complaints

Are your rubber tiles environmentally friendly?

All InstaFloor rubber gym flooring is made from recycled rubber from used vehicle tyres, preventing these materials going into landfill, and creating a fully recyclable product which is kind to the environment.

How many car tyres does it take to make the rubber tiles?

Around 360 tyres would be recycled for every 500m2 of rubber flooring.

Recycled tyre content infographic